In 1980 the National RS Owners Club was founded

The Bristol Group of the Ford RS Owners club was formed in 1984 by Pete De Fere

and William Irvine. The membership declined untill 1990 when Ian Pullin rekindled the group.

Our Track and Regional Day 'RS Combe' started at the Castle Combe Race Circuit in 1996, this we run together with the Swindon RS Owners Group 

During 1996 we moved from The Compass Inn at Tormaton toThe North Bristol Ruby Club at Almondsbury.

At the RS Owners Club National Day in 1997 we won the ....


Members who in the past have helped form the group to what it is today include

Garry Thomas

Andy Silcocks

Roger & Liz Cook

Peter & Stewart

Simon Johnson

Spencer Athay

Alex Dando

Julie Gray

Just to name a few

We welcome anyone owning a Ford RS in Standard or Modified state  and

regardless of year .... come on down  .

You do not have to be a member of the National RS Owners Club but we would like you to become a member

after joining this, your local RS Owners group covering Bristol and the surrounding counties .